• Asset management

    Asset management

    “Asset management” refers to legal issues on asset management products issued by banks, funds, securities companies, trust companies, insurance companies, futures companies, PE fund companies and other institutions.

  • Investment and Financing

    Investment and Financing

    Based on the industry expertise and business insight built up through years of practice in investment and financing, our lawyers are good at helping our clients formulating strategies on risk management and business practice. Our E-learning platform and regular workshops provided by industry experts ensure that our lawyers understand how our clients run their businesses so that we can always add values to the works we deliver.

  • Oversea Investment

    Oversea Investment

    The implementation of China’s “Go Global" strategy attracts more Chinese companies to engage in a wide spectrum of cross-border transactions including purchase, merger and acquisition of equity assets, project financing and joint venture.

  • Capital Markets

    Capital Markets

    Having accumulated years of experiences through domestic and overseas IPOs and refinancing projects, our Lawyers possess an in-depth understanding of the world’s major capital markets and have established close and good cooperative relationships with famous investment banks, audit institutions/credit rating agencies and listed companies.

  • Commercial Litigation

    Commercial Litigation

    Committed to becoming a law firm that knows economy best in the Chinese legal industry, we also focus on helping clients resolve all kinds of commercial disputes.

  • Perennial Legal Counseling Services

    Perennial Legal Counseling Services

    Perennial Legal Counseling constitutes an important part of our businesses. Our lawyers have years of experiences playing the role of legal adviser to a number of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign enterprises.

About us

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Beijing GuanyAO Law Firm (" GuanyAO Law Firm ") is an elite law firm providing high-quality non-litigation and litigation legal services in the field of commercial affairs, including large capital management, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, capital market, overseas investment, commercial litigation, etc. "Guan Yao" take the meaning in the "Wen Xin Diao dragon · original way" at the beginning -- "look up to spit yao, look up to contain chapter, high low positioning, so the two instrument is born". The firm has been committed to providing clients with excellent legal service experience with forward-looking commercial thinking and adhering to the service concept of pragmatism, openness, innovation and win-win to help clients achieve business value success.

News consulting

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